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The World's First Flexible

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It's Real. And It's Coming in 2016.


Polyera Digital Fabric Technology™


Polyera Digital Fabric Technology is a unique set of materials, tools, and know-how designed to enable products with flexible electronics at scale.


Polyera Flexible TFTs™

Backed by over ten years of chemistry and physics R&D, Polyera Flexible Thin-Film Transistors (TFTs) are at the core of our Digital Fabric Technology. These devices behave just like the transistors found in traditional electronics, but are also physically flexible. They can be easily used in standard display fabs, as well as with other advanced manufacturing techniques.



Mechanical Engineering

Integrating flexible electronics into an end product poses unique structural and mechanical engineering challenges. We’ve developed a unique set of designs, tools, and intellectual property that enables flexibility while still providing support and protection.


Electrical Engineering

Flexible electronics will enable novel devices that pose new challenges for electrical system design: the desired functionality must be achieved while maintaining both mechanical flexibility and appropriate ergonomics. We're pioneering the development of systems that meet these needs, allowing the creation of products that are functional and flexible.


Software Engineering

Flexible electronics isn’t just about hardware: it’s about the marriage of hardware with software to create platforms that can change the way electronics are used. We have developed in-depth competencies in software for the specific challenges and opportunities of flexible electronics platforms.


User Experience Design

The novel shapes, sizes, textures, and functions enabled by flexible electronics means more than just taking the same electronics we’ve always had and making them flexible - it means creating entirely new experiences. We’ve developed novel approaches to interaction design, information architecture, and visual design to fully leverage the unique properties of flexible electronics.


Enabling Flexible Electronics Products: For Real. At Scale.

Borne out of over ten years of fundamental research in the chemistry and physics of flexible TFTs, Polyera Digital Fabric Technology is a revolutionary platform at the intersection of science, engineering, and design, all with one aim: to enable the production of flexible electronics products at scale.

Enabled by this platform, in mid 2016 Polyera will begin shipping the Wove™ Band, the world’s first flexible display product you can wrap around your wrist.


A New Era in Electronics. A New World of Possibilities.

Wove is just the beginning. Over the next few years, Polyera Digital Fabric Technology will enable the products that people have long wished for, and many they have not yet imagined: where devices are no longer hard, heavy, and cold, but soft, ambient, and organic–where the forms they take and the roles they play become more natural and more human. We’re excited to take you on this journey.